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Wireless control module with 0-10V output

Wireless control module with 0-10V output

Modulo di controllo wireless con uscita 0-10V

The analog wireless control module KET-DIM-100 allows remote control of lamps, pumps, motors and other devices equipped with a control input type 0-10V.

Because of the compact size it can be used in luminaires such as ceiling lights, street lamps, etc., while the resin coating protects it against vibration and overhang of temperatures.

The integrated diagnostic function allows you to control the load, detecting malfunctions.

The measurements of voltage and current are integrated over time to provide energy consumption in kWh.

The repeater function is integrated and the radio amplified allow to extend the network X-Monitor in a simple and economical way.

Specifications for Wireless control module with 0-10V output

Protection Range -
Operative Temperature -
Storage Temperature -